100 New Ways of Scouting is a project by the Scouts and Guides of Finland. Our aim is to find new ways of Scouting so that we can lower the threshold of picking up a hobby. The project takes place in local groups, scouting districts as well as in the national scouts and guides organization. Our work is funded by the proceeds of the 2016 Common Responsibility Campaign (known in Finnish as “Yhteisvastuukeräys”). The proceeds are used in various projects to develop and try out new ways of Scouting.

There are many reasons why it’s more difficult for some to pick up a hobby. Groups who are less likely to have a hobby are for example young people with immigrant backgrounds or children who are somehow disabled. There are also a lot of lonely children who’d like to have a hobby but who for different reasons don’t have one. Family’s financial situation or the fact that the parents don’t have any hobbies of their own can factor in on a child’s probability of having a hobby.

To make it easy for everyone to become a Scout we need to figure out how to tell about Scouting in a way that makes everyone feel welcome to join the Scouts and Guides of Finland. That is why we need to try out new ways of Scouting and that is what this project is about.

You’ll find stories and new ways of Scouting on this website.